Frequently Asked Questions - General

Do I need to be a professional, full-time investor to receive benefits from this website?

No, anybody looking to purchase investment properties can obtain benefits from our extensive selection of property listings including a number of distressed properties, which can sometimes sell below their true market value.

Where are these properties sourced?

They are obtained from various sources including mortgagee defaults / repossessions and other areas of the property market that are specifically targeted to the investor. These include, company & personal bankruptcies, including government housing authorities, beneficiaries of wills, State & Public trustee's, receivers, liquidators, administrators, distressed sales and real estate agents.

How many properties can be viewed on the site at any one time?

This varies throughout the year. Typically, at any one time there would be approx. 2,000 or more properties on the site, which is updated regularly.

Can I raise a mortgage for these properties?

Yes. Most lending institutions will lend money to purchase these types of properties subject of course to their lending approval criteria being satisfied.

What areas are covered?

We cover the whole of Australia in the Residential, Rural, Commercial & Industrial markets.

What part of the market sector is listed on the web site?

We list a multitude of investment properties including mortgagee repossessions, deceased estates, incomplete and fire damaged properties, development (approved and raw) sites and blocks of units in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

What types of properties are listed?

All types, including but not limited to, vacant land, houses of all types, villas, apartments, units, townhouses, terraces, factories, offices, development sites, incomplete and fire damaged properties and unit blocks.

Why do some of these properties sell below 'market value'?

In the case of a mortgagee defaulting on their loan, the lender can seize the property. The lenders main concern is to redeem the debt owed which in many cases is lower than the property's true value. In the case of deceased estates, the new beneficiaries are often keen to cash out and get on with their lives. Properties which are only partially completed or have been somehow damaged (via fire, flood, etc.) may be less attractive to mainstream purchasers, but can yield excellent returns for those willing to complete/refurbish the building. There is no guarantee that properties in these categories will be sold below market levels, but careful investigation can identify great investment opportunities.

How do I view a property I am interested in?

Property viewing can be arranged via the respective real estate agent selling the property. We provide these contact details.

Do you have any beneficial interest in any property listed?

No. Our website contains open, objective information. We have no vested interest in any deals offered, nor are we paid any commission. We of course accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any consequences or losses (whether direct or indirect) which may arise for whatever reason through the use of or reliance upon any information sourced from our site.

How often is the website updated?

The website is updated regularly offering you the very latest in properties listed under our market sectors - nationally. Due to a large percentage of mortgagee or distressed sales going to auction, an up to date site is essential. This will ensure prospective buyers have as much time as possible to conduct their due diligence and feasibility studies before auction day.

Can you provide information about each listing?

No, you will need to contact the real estate agent direct for all information pertaining to the listing you are interested in.

Will I find the same information here as on other websites?

This website is the most comprehensive guide of its kind. Some of these listings can be found on other sites however, due to our searching methods, we list properties that even the mainstream websites do not possess. We also do our best to ensure that our listings remain updated so that you do not waste time reviewing properties that may have already been sold or taken off the market.

What if I need help to clarify a specific point?

If you have a question about a specific property this should be addressed directly with the listing agent, contact details of the relevant agent for each property is provided in our listing particulars. We have an online feedback service to promptly respond to all questions you have regarding Select Property Invest's website which you will find in the Contact Us section of the website.

What other services do you provide?

For non-members we invite you to subscribe to Select Property News & Reviews, which is our free monthly newsletter. It contains the latest market trends including economic news. For members we also have an email alert system targeted to your personal property criteria and generated automatically from our site, with all new listings sent to your designated email address as soon as they become available on our website.

What security systems do you have in place?

As a member, your username and password are encrypted and access is non transferable. Select Property Invest has technology to detect multi log ins. Online payment is also protected by the E Way banking system.

How can I become a member?

Click here and follow the simple prompts!

How much does it cost to become a member?

There are three membership options available. Monthly membership is $24.95, half yearly membership is $120.00 while annual membership is $180.00 GST incl.

What is the benefit of becoming a member?

You will have 24 hour a day access to thousands of investment opportunities. No longer will you have to surf through multiple websites, filled with irrelevant or 'retail' properties, or subscribe to numerous newspaper and magazine publications in order to identify these specialist investment properties. The diligent member will never miss out on that once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase the right property at the right price. Whether prime for development or just on selling for a profit, the endless opportunities come together in one easy to use format. The astute investor will recognise the powerful potential a site like ours has to offer.

Are there any on-going costs after I pay my membership?

No. Your membership fee covers the use of the site in its entirety including access to all associated services, for the period you chose and as outlined in your membership package inclusions. You only pay for goods or services you want to purchase from using any links associated with the site.

What makes your website different to similar websites?

We are totally committed to client satisfaction. We have dedicated staff eagerly sourcing new content for the site and, unlike some rival sites, we update our content daily so you will never waste time chasing a property that sold weeks ago but is still shown as available. Our only business is sourcing and helping our members easily search currently available specialist property from across Australia. Many other websites who claim to offer investment property listings are beneficially interested in the properties they list (as agents, or in some other way), or their primary business is selling property education. Select Property Invest was developed by people who had spent years searching for specialist properties and knew there was a real need for an up-to-date source of listings from across Australia that is easy to search and will save time and money for the serious property investor.

How many categories will be shown on the site?

Select Property Invest has the most extensive range of categories compared to similar sites. Our site is being constantly revised as new listings become available, and details for existing listings are updated.

Are you Australian owned and operated?

Yes. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company.

What if I have a query or a problem using the site?

You can email us anytime for a prompt reply to your inquiry.

You do not have to be a professional property dealer to benefit from this information. Contrary to popular belief the main barrier to making profit in property is not money. Many of the most successful property entrepreneurs have started out from humble beginnings.

The real barrier is having access to the best information... knowing exactly where to look.


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