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Your quest in locating and identifying that unique investment opportunity quickly and efficiently is greatly enhanced which will give you a marked advantage in locating the right opportunity well before other interested parties may pick up on them thanks to our customised email alert system that immediately sends you an email every time a property that matches your pre-determined search criteria is added to the website.

Have you ever called an estate agent about a real estate investment only to hear the disappointing words "Yeah, sorry mate, sold a week ago". Oh no! Missed out on another beauty!

Wouldn't you like to avoid this? Wouldn't you like to get ahead of the game by becoming a member and taking full advantage of our customised email alert system that immediately sends you an instant email every time an investment property that matches your pre-determined search criteria is added to our website? Yes I see your head nodding. You look exactly like the bobble-head Chihuahua on my nanna's dashboard.

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You are also able to save searches of any properties that meet your particular requirements and process them at your leisure using all the relevant information pertaining to the property including photos, listing agent and enlarged Google Map. Our sold properties section is also a very helpful tool in ascertaining the price trends in particular areas.


You can also save your favourite property investments to your 'My Watchlist' for future review. We don't remove any property from the website once they are sold so your Watchlist will always list your favourite property investments. All properties that are sold will be listed under Sold Properties and will be tagged as Sold.

Have you ever found an awesome real estate investment online and later forgotten where the hell you found it?

Let’s be serious... This has happened to both you.. And me..

Would you like the ability to never lose track of your potential real estate investments via our members only “My Watchlist” function that allows you to save all potential real estate investments of interest!

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We have absolutely no monetary interest in any of the properties listed on the site and receive no commissions or gifts for any property sold. This ensures all the information within our site remains objective and unbiased.

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An up to date, comprehensive investment property website as Select Property Invest has been a long time coming and is here now for you to take advantage of. All you will need to do is become a member of Select Property Invest.

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